How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety in the Wilderness, Part 2: Managing Panic Attacks

Learn to utilize deep breathing and meditation to get rid of worry and stress and in the wilderness. This is the 2nd video in a series mentor strategies to handle stress and , this one concentrated on anxiety attack. I’ll reveal you to do deep (diaphragmatic) breathing and describe in information why it operates in regards to the chemistry and circuitry of the brain.

Since this is a long video, here are the contents if you wish to avoid to a specific subject:
3: 54 How to do deep breathing
16: 10 Why it’s helpful (chemistry in the brain)
26: 18 : the Cycle of Focus
32: 01 Neuroplasticity: alter the circuitry of the brain

If you missed out on the very first video, covering standard ideas about stress and anxiety and particularly how to conquer extreme concern, it’s here:/ >
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Gear List:
Bandana: v
Bear Spray: l
Enlighted Equipment Enigma:/
Quilt things sack:/
Bear Hang Bag: I
Boxers (additional): 0
Sit Pad: n
Camera (Sony RX100 iii): w
Coat (RAB Xenon): B
Reflectix Cozy: v
Deet: 4
DCF things sacks: s
Shelter (dcf Locus Gear Khufu):/ > Stakes (MSR): O
Fire starter: e
First Aid package: F
Fleece Hat: 0
Fuel: M
Tyvek ground fabric: q
Glasses (Nooz armless): 1
Garmin InReach: 2
Glide anti-chafe: 6
Fleece gloves: L
Headlamp (Petzl e+ light): N
Knee brace (neoprene): U
Knife (SWK Classic): 0
Lighter (x2): R
Lip Balm: m
Pack (HMG 3400 Junction): n
Pack Towel: 4
Pad (TR Xlite): A
Pillow (down):/
Rain Coat (MH): V
Rain Kilt (Zpacks): t
Socks (additional): S
Socks (night): o
Spoon (Toaks): b
Shirt (additional): M
Steripen (Classic 3): T
Stove (MSR Pocket Rocket 2): J
Pot (Toaks): G
Sunglasses: 5
Sunscreen: T
Thermal Polypro bottom: M
Thermal Polypro top: 7
Thermometer (AcuRite): C
Travel toothbrush/paste: h
Travel clock: g
Water bottles (x2): Empty Gatorade bottles
Wind Shirt (Montbell): 1

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