In Loving Memory of



8/22/46 - 10/22/05


" It is going to be ok when you allow yourself to feel your own love,embrace hope, the love of others and to live each moment the best you can.." To embrace the the knowledge of PS4U and live it to be best of your ability. To understand we all can live our dreams when we stop to Dance in the Sun."



Did you ever think it would come to this?

We thought we had a lifetime to spend
Im sorry to say that my time is gone
And I have to leave you here my friend

But lets not part in sadnessí wake
Lets just have some fun
Come out into the air with me
and lets dance under the sun

My life has been like that of the butterfly
I have spread my wings and flown
The story forever changing
And I see how much Ive grown

I dealt with life the best I could
With courage and with grace
I know Ive lived my life just right
Feeling love's warmth on my face

So please shed no tears for me
My journey has just begun
Go outside and I will always be there
Dancing under the sun




















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